The ECSS Diocese of Gogrial

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The Arcdeaconries of Wau Diocese
  Wau East Archdeaconry Ven Jacob Achuil Akeen
  Wau South Archdeaconry Ven Simon Malou Manyang
  Wau North Archdeaconry Ven Moses Majok Ring
  Wau West Archdeaconry Ven Santino Ramadhan
  Mapel Archdeaconry Ven Joseph Uyu Uguak
  Chaplain Archdeaconry Ven Moses Elia Dokuri
  Good Shepherd Cathedral Clergy
  Dean Very Rev Peter Jonathan Beria
  Curate Dinka Service Rev Kazito Yak Thiik
  Curate Arabic Service Rev Regina Anthony
  Curate English Service Rev Joseph Marial Dhukuei
  Mothers Union Chaplain Rev Eliza Malook

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                      A Map showing Gogrial Diocese - courtesy of Mr Richard Tazewell of Poole UK

A map showing Gogrial Area Diocese in Wau Diocese

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